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Expertise & Issues

CCEEB is organized around issue-specific projects. Currently, CCEEB manages three statewide projects, two regional air quality projects, two statewide task forces, and a special joint project in partnership with major environmental groups.

Members attend regular meetings to analyze issues, develop strategies for responding to policy proposals, and direct CCEEB’s activity on legislative and regulatory affairs. CCEEB’s positions are based on member priorities – each member has as much influence as the next.

Project members benefit from our legislative and regulatory tracking, expert analysis, and precision advocacy.

Project Principles

Support evidence-based policy positions, regardless of the politics
Call for accurate, transparent, and understandable public information to support broad public participation
Advocate for policies and programs that maximize environmental benefit in the most cost effective way
Ensure clear compliance pathways, and avoid overlapping, duplicative, and conflicting regulations
Engage and listen to all stakeholders and promote shared understanding
Strike an appropiate balance between command-and-control and market-based programs


Air Project
Bay Area Project
Water, Chemistry, and Waste
Los Angeles City Skyline - Sasha Zvereva Unsplash South Coast Air Project
Climate Change Project

Special Projects

Natural Resources Task Force
Water Quality Task Force
California Environmental Dialogue
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