The California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of business, labor, and public leaders, which advances balanced policies for a healthy environment and a strong economy.

Mission & Vision

Committed to California

Governor Edmund G. “Pat” Brown founded the California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance (CCEEB) in 1973 to bring together the perspectives of business, labor, and public leaders in pursuit of balanced and effective policy solutions. Our approach is informed by Governor Brown’s philosophy that in California we should never say, “No,” but instead say, “Here’s How.”

CCEEB tackles the toughest environmental problems facing California, including air quality, climate change, water quality, hazardous waste management, transportation, energy, and land use.

Our credibility and commitment to fairness and excellence has earned us a broad membership base that is unmatched by any other association.

The CCEEB Board of Directors reflects our diverse membership and spirit of collaboration. Board representatives belong to each of the Council’s three constituencies: business, labor, and public leaders.

CCEEB is a nonprofit and nonpartisan association. Our reputation rests on our ideas. CCEEB does not make political contributions of any kind.

Since 1973, CCEEB has worked to carry out the spirit of Governor Edmund G. “Pat” Brown’s call to action:

Can We Have Economic Growth And A Better Environment? We Can And We Must. For, In Reality, We Cannot Divide And Segregate Economic And Environmental Issues. They Are Inextricably Tied Together And The Decisions We Make About One Affects The Other.

— Governor Edmund G. “Pat” Brown

Photographed by G. Paul Bishop

Photographed by G. Paul Bishop


Board Officers


Tim Carmichael

President & CEO


Mr. Carmichael has over 20 years of leadership in both the non-profit and private sectors. Most recently, Mr. Carmichael served as State Agency Relations Manager for Sempra Utilities. Previously, Mr. Carmichael led the California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition, a group of vehicle and engine manufacturers, utilities, fuel providers, and fleet operators. Mr. Carmichael began his public policy career at the Coalition for Clean Air, serving as President from 1998-2007, where he helped negotiate key emissions reduction and climate change policy, including the legislation that paved the way for California to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles. timc@cceeb.org

Sunne Wright McPeak



Sunne Wright McPeak currently serves as the President and CEO of the California Emerging Technology Fund, a statewide non-profit foundation working to close the Digital Divide by accelerating the deployment and adoption of broadband. From 2003 to 2006, McPeak served as Secretary of the California Business, Transportation and Housing Agency, the lead State agency for economic development. Before being recruited to the Governor’s Cabinet, McPeak led the Bay Area Council and the Bay Area Economic Forum. McPeak began her career in public service on the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors. She was inducted into the National Academy of Public Administration in 2016 and received the Champion of Technology Award from the California State Fair in 2018.


Patricia Rucker

Vice Chair


Patricia Ann Rucker is the Legislative Advocate for the California Teachers Association (CTA). Rucker has served on California’s State Board of Education from 2011 to 2021. Rucker served as a consultant for CTA on instruction and professional development from 1997 to 2008 following her career as an educator. Rucker serves on boards and task forces focused on assessment and testing, teacher evaluation and academic freedom, and career and technical education.

Barbara McBride



Barbara McBride currently serves as Director of Environmental Policy for Calpine Corporation. In this role, McBride is responsible for identifying, developing or modifying existing legislation, regulations and policy that impact the company. She works closely with the government affairs department and various industry groups on both Federal and State legislation, regulations and policies. McBride was previously the Safety, Health and Environmental Director for the Western Region. McBride works closely with all permitting agencies including the California Energy Commission, EPA and other state and local agencies.

Mark Krausse



Mark Krausse is the Director of State Agency Relations for Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). Krausse leads a group that oversees all non-CPUC state regulatory matters for PG&E. Prior to PG&E, he served as the Executive Director of the Fair Political Practices Commission following several years on Senate and Assembly staff. Mr. Krausse serves CCEEB as Board Secretary.

Staff and Consultants

Christine Wolfe

Director of Policy and Communications


Ms. Wolfe directs the Council’s policy efforts across the organization, working with CCEEB’s team of expert consultants and premiere lobbyists to deliver solutions to California’s most complex environmental policy challenges. In addition to supporting CCEEB’s policy portfolios across media, she currently leads the organization’s efforts related to air quality and environmental justice. She brings previous expertise in land use policy, waste and recycling policy, and NEPA/CEQA. Ms. Wolfe graduated from Harvard College. christinew@cceeb.org

Yvonne Vukasin

Director of Members, Events, and Administration


Ms. Vukasin plays a key role in the day-to-day operations of CCEEB, acting as a liaison to the board and members. She engages current members, advises the President on key issues, assists in development, and facilitates employee benefit plans as well as events. Ms. Vukasin also supports both CCEEB’s Natural Resources Task Force and the Water Quality Task Force. An avid swimmer who enjoys the outdoors, cooking and traveling with her family, she lives in San Francisco with her husband. yvonnev@cceeb.org

Allegra Curiel

Allegra Curiel

Policy Advocate


Ken Stevens

Accounting Manager


Mr. Stevens joined the Council in July 1990 and manages all aspects of CCEEB’s financials including audits, billings and receivables. Prior to joining CCEEB, Mr. Stevens was an auditor for the Unocal Corporation. He is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara. kens@cceeb.org

The Gualco Group


The Gualco Group, Inc. is a California lobbying and consulting firm with years of hands-on experience with Federal, State, and local policy making and regulatory activities. Representing over 100 years of combined experience, The Gualco Group retains notable expertise in issue areas significant to California political and regulatory landscape, including but not limited to agriculture, business, local government, healthcare and education. Policy areas where The Gualco Group is most active encompass power, water, natural resources, environment, state budget, transportation, trade and procurement.

McHugh Koepke & Associates


McHugh Koepke & Associates is a government relations firm specializing in advocacy, public affairs, research and analysis for clients throughout California. It devises and implements effective lobbying and communication strategies, analyzes the impacts of proposed legislation and regulations, organizes grassroots advocacy efforts and drafts legislation, regulations and technical amendments. The firm was established in December 2000; however, its partners, Gavin and Shari McHugh and Dawn Koepke, represent over 40 years of lobbying experience in Sacramento. They have successfully advocated the interests of their clients and have developed the relationships and expertise necessary to develop and promote legislation and regulation before California’s State Senate, Assembly, Governor and state agencies.

The Secundy Group


The Secundy Group, founded by Gerald D. Secundy, holds an extensive background of business, regulatory agencies, and the environmental community matters, as well as has more than three decades of leadership experience. Prior to joining California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance, Mr. Secundy worked with the California State Water Resources Control Board. He also served large corporations like ARCO as an environmental law expert during the course of his career and established an environmental policy consultancy for smaller businesses. Other past positions include Executive Director of Audubon California, Vice President of External Affairs and Environmental Health and Safety at Atlantic Richfield Company, President of the Four Corners Pipeline Company, and as an attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice in the Land and Natural Resources Division.



Exponent is a multi-disciplinary organization of scientists, physicians, engineers, and regulatory consultants who bring together more than 90 technical disciplines to address complicated issues facing industry and government today. Dr. Susan Paulsen, Principal Scientist and Practice Director, Earth Sciences Division has more than 25 years of experience with hydrology as well as the Clean Water Act and related statute. For over 50 years, Exponent has provided engineering, scientific, environmental and health consulting services to corporations, insurance carriers, government agencies, law firms and individuals.

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