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Bay Area Project

Project Description

Geographic focus: San Francisco Bay Area
Main activity: Bay Area Air Quality Management District policies and programs

The Bay Area Project encourages the application of sound science, transparency, and consistency in policy making and the deployment of proven, commercially available technologies for equitable and cost effective solutions. Project members are represented at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) proceedings; rulemaking and public workshops, board of directors’ meetings, and committee meetings.

Project Issues

  • AB 617 implementation
  • BAAQMD Clean Air Plan and Climate Change Protection Plan
  • Air Toxics and Health Risk Assessments (HRAs)
  • Budget, fees and cost recovery
  • New Source Review (NSR) and permitting
  • District rules and regualtions
  • Mobile and community monitoring, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) measurement and monitoring

Project Details

Project Manager:
Janet Whittick, CCEEB

Meeting Location:
San Francisco, CA

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