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Water Quality Task Force

Project Description

Geographic focus: statewide
Main activity: legislative and administrative efforts, state regulatory agencies

The Water Quality Task Force supports resource alignment efforts at the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) by providing technical guidance to agency staff. Membership is comprised of municipal and regional governmental entities and businesses with experience administering water quality programs. The goals of the Water Quality Task Force are to support the California water boards on priority actions, efficient use of limited resources, and improve water quality outcomes. These goals are critical for the development of reliable and sustainable water policies in a state challenged by drought and climate change.


  • SWRCB STORMs Advisory Committee
  • Publication of A Clear Path to Clean Water
  • Policy for Recycled Water and related general permit
  • Municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4) permit implementation
  • Anti-Degradation Policy
  • Proposition 218, funding, and Basin Plans
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Project Details

Project Managers: 
Jerry Secundy, The Secundy Group
Susan Paulsen, Exponent

Meeting Location: 
Pasadena, CA

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