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California Environmental Dialogue

Project Description

Sustained Dialogue with top environmental leaders and agency regulators.

The California Environmental Dialogue (CED) is an on-going, sustained dialogue among California business, environmental, and government leaders about critical environmental policy issues and long-term environmental strategies. CED’s mission is to meet the needs of a healthy environment and a sound economy while improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our environmental regulatory system.

CED members engage in collaboration and consensus building through dialogue. It is a unique way for people to speak and to listen for common ground. Dialogue is based on the belief that our collective intelligence is greater than the sum of individual perspectives. By engaging in dialogue, CED builds relationships and trust, which allow its members to advance environmental outcomes and economic efficiencies.

The CED Plenary meets three times per year on topics such as mobile source air emissions, the water-energy-climate nexus, and climate change adaptation. CED organizes two working groups. The Clean Air Dialogue, which meets eight times a year in Sacramento and focuses on California’s most pressing air quality issues, and the Long View Committee, which meets four times a year in San Francisco and focuses on California’s long-term environmental, economic, and resource management issues.

Project Details

Interim Coordinator:
Devin P. Richards