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Summer Issues Seminar

California’s leading Environmental Policy Seminar 

Summer Issues Seminar is CCEEB’s annual members-only policy event, offering a week of in-depth exchanges on the most pressing legislative, regulatory, and environmental policy issues as well as emerging trends.

Guest speakers include legislative leaders, key agency decision makers, environmental and community leaders, non-governmental organizations, and world renowned academics.

Examples of SIS Issues:

  • Cap-and-trade and post-2020 policies
  • Community and fenceline monitoring
  • Air quality and impacted communities
  • Air quality incentives and investments
  • California’s water outlook and plan
  • Water quality goals and ocean acidification
  • Facility-based measures and indirect source review rules
  • SWRCB wetlands policy
  • Social media and public policy
  • Local and regional climate protection efforts
  • Air toxics health risk assessments
  • Hazardous waste permitting
  • Green chemistry and the safer consumer products
  • Environmental Justice
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