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CCEEB is seeking applicants for a new President.

Job Description: President

The President of the California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance (CCEEB) is responsible for all aspects of CCEEB’s endeavors.

The President receives strategic direction from CCEEB’s Board of Directors and provides direction to CCEEB’s staff and consultants. The President is responsible for all CCEEB’s policies, advocacy programs, membership relations, finances and the logistics of CCEEB’s operations. The President is also responsible for CCEEB’s relationships with external stakeholders involved in issues of interest to CCEEB, as well as relationships with elected and appointed decision-makers and their staffs.

In carrying out these responsibilities, the President hires and relies upon a small number of staff and consultants. The President must ensure that policies and advocacy efforts developed by these key people and our Project members are effective, efficient and consistent with CCEEB’s goals, principles and practices.

In addition to the organization’s board meetings, the President regularly attends CCEEB’s internal Project meetings and meetings of the California Environmental Dialogue. The President also represents CCEEB as needed at external events, hearings and meetings.

Desirable Characteristics

  • Familiarity with current public policy issues—with emphasis on California environmental and economic issues—as well as experience in public policy processes, particularly in the legislative and regulatory arenas.
  • Ability to build solid and long-lasting working relationships with business, labor, and environmental and community groups, as well as appointed and elected officials and their staff, including those with differing viewpoints, to build consensus.
  • Ability to run a small business, promote leadership in a collegial fashion—at times from a geographic distance—and establish strong relationships between a small staff of employees and consultants.
  • Group meeting facilitation skills, particularly with stakeholders who have a history of conflict and competition.
  • Ability to develop and maintain a strategic perspective on the most important public policy issues, develop an internal consensus on these matters, and translate this consensus through action into concrete approaches in the legislative and regularly arenas.
  • Ability to develop and manage an annual budget, analyze financial statements and maintain and build an operative reserve through membership development.
  • Ability to manage many diverse issues under severe time pressures and with limited resources.
  • Well-developed writing, public speaking and listening skills.
  • Ability to shift gears seamlessly to fast changing priorities.
  • Credibility with both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Experience with the media.
  • Fit with CCEEB’s culture (e.g., balanced in goals, collaborative in process, consensus based in decision, member driven/staff led, etc.) and ability/willing to work in that context.

CCEEB Mission

CCEEB’s Mission is to craft approaches to achieve both our environmental and economic goals in a balanced and rational fashion and effectively advocate those approaches to other stakeholders and elected and appointed decision makers.

CCEEB believes that California’s goals for a healthy environment and strong economy are inextricably linked and interdependent.

CCEEB’s approach in developing methods to achieve these goals is based upon collaboration and consensus building, both internally among its members and with external stakeholders and decision makers.

CCEEB’s success in advocating for the methods to achieve these goals is based upon its credibility both as a source of information on how the economy functions and its ability to develop practical and insightful approaches to achieve our goals.

CCEEB Backgrounder

CCEEB is a coalition of business, labor and pubic members established in 1973 by its first Chairman, Edmund G. “Pat” Brown, and leaders from these three communities. CCEEB’s main office is located in San Francisco, CA.

Strategic direction to the President of CCEEB is provided by a Board of Directors composed of twenty members from each of these three communities. The Board of Directors meets three times a year. CCEEB’s President oversees and is responsible for all aspects of CCEEB.

Most of the work of CCEEB is conducted in the context of its Projects formed around various issue areas of import to our members. The Projects are working committees of members led by staff and consultants. Members of CCEEB’s Projects must also be General Members of CCEEB.

CCEEB is financially supported by both General dues and Project dues paid by its business and labor members. Each Project is expected to be self-supporting and contribute to offsetting a portion of general overhead. CCEEB Project members meet monthly and also hold ad hoc meetings as the need arises. The bulk of CCEEB’s work is accomplished through its Projects.

  • Air Project (AP)- deals with statewide regulatory and legislative air quality issues including community monitoring plans, CEQA, and environmental justice.
  • South Coast Air Quality Project (SCAP)- deals with air quality issues particular to the South Coast Air Quality Management District.
  • Bay Area Project (BAP)- deals with air quality issues particular to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.
  • Climate Change Project (CCP)- deals with GHG emissions reductions regulations, including the cap-and-trade market and many of the Air Resources Board’s program measures.
  • Water, Chemistry and Waste Project (WCW)- deals with issues relating to water, green chemistry, waste management and hazardous materials.
  • Public Policy Project (PPP)- deals with a wide variety of issues including infrastructure, education, governance and government finance.
  • Water Quality Task Force (WQTF)- supports resource alignment efforts at the State Water Resources Control Board by providing technical guidance to agency staff.
  • Natural Resources Task Force (NRTF)- focuses on legislative, regulatory and permitting issues dealing with state and wildlife agencies.

Additionally, CCEEB houses the California Environmental Dialogue (CED), an effort to provide frequent facilitated opportunities for environmental, business and regulatory leaders to discuss, collaborate and achieve consensus on issues of mutual interest. CED has a Plenary of its members (which meets four times a year for two-day sessions) and a Clean Air Dialogue (CAD) working group comprised of CED members and other stakeholders. Working groups are created to focus in depth on issues such as transportation emissions, habitat protection and climate change. Separate working groups have been established to also handle strategic public policy issue identification and CED organizational issues for the Plenary. The CAD working group meets six times a year.

CCEEB also conducts three events of note:

  • CCEEB’s Summer Issues Seminar is held for a week to provide an opportunity for CCEEB members in the Projects and the Board of Directors to meet “offsite” to discuss issues of import in more depth with other stakeholders, regulators and elected officials and staff.
  • CCEEB’s Planning Conference is held “offsite” for a week to review events of the past year and plan our agenda and priorities for the upcoming year.
  • CCEEB’s Pat Brown Award Ceremony provides an annual opportunity for recognition of individuals and organizations who have made a unique contribution to the achievement of our goals for a healthy environment and strong economy.

CCEEB is staffed by a President, a Vice President (who serves as the Chief Operating Officer), a Manager with responsibility for administration, event planning and some member relations, an Accountant and support person, as well as a Director of Policy and Communications and a Policy Analyst. CCEEB also employs three consultants who work as Project Managers and lobbyists.

Salary dependent on experience.  Good benefits.

To Apply

Email cover letter, resume and at least three references to:

Deadline to apply: Friday, December 14, 2018

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