CCEEB Names Bill Quinn New President and CEO

CCEEB Names Bill Quinn New President and CEO

San Francisco, CA., January 9, 2019 – After an extensive search, the board of directors of the California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance (CCEEB) has unanimously selected William J. “Bill” Quinn as its sixth president and chief executive officer, following the retirement of Gerald D. Secundy. Based in San Francisco, CCEEB is comprised of business, labor and public leaders whose mission it is to advance policies that improve the environment and protect public health, while maintaining a strong and competitive economy.

Since joining CCEEB in 1995, Quinn has overseen regulatory and legislative policy at the Council and directed its operations. As the new spokesperson for some of California’s largest economic sectors – including utilities, aerospace, water agencies, telecommunications, entertainment and energy – Mr. Quinn joins a dynamic group of industry leaders which helps shape the nation’s most progressive energy, natural resources, and environmental policies, such as the state’s multi-billion dollar “cap-and-trade” program for climate change.

“Bill is extremely qualified to carry the organization forward,” said Walter McGuire, CCEEB chair. “He has the credibility with business, government, and non-governmental organizations. People trust him to find bipartisan and cost-effective solutions.”

Jose Mejia, CCEEB vice-chair and director of the California State Council of Laborers said, “There’s a new wave of leaders coming to Sacramento, and Bill is ready to take on both the challenges and opportunities this presents. We can invest in critical infrastructure and grow jobs for Californian workers while improving environmental protection. This is what CCEEB is all about.”

In accepting the presidency, Mr. Quinn acknowledged these changes, saying, “I’m honored to lead the Council and look forward to working closely with the Newsom Administration, the Legislature, and other stakeholders. The state is rethinking—and rebuilding—everything from energy to transportation, from affordable housing to education and workforce development. The Council has an important role to play in these issues and seeks consensus and common solutions where others might try to divide.”


Founded in 1973 by Governor Edmund G. Brown, the California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance (CCEEB)is a leader in advancing policies that improve the environment and protect public health, while maintaining a strong and competitive economy. CCEEB brings together the perspectives of business, labor, and public leaders in pursuit of balanced and effective policy solutions. CCEEB is a non-profit and non-partisan organization based in San Francisco, California.


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