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Membership Benefits

Healthy Environment, Strong Economy

The policy landscape of California is constantly evolving. Competitive businesses need to track hundreds of legislative bills, dozens of state and regional regulatory proceedings. The ability to understand the impacts of changing legislative and regulatory proposals is critical. CCEEB members gain this advantage by our legislative and regulatory tracking, expert analysis, and precision advocacy.

Monthly project meetings and guest speakers
Timely member communications and news
Policy seminars, strategy workshops, and educational events

Representation at agency working groups and advisory bodies

Regular updates on legislative and regualtory activity
Precision advocacy for environmental and economic balance

Project Membership Benefits

  • Track bills and get expert analysis—CCEEB responds according to member direction.
  • Craft CCEEB positions and comments in collaboration with other members.
  • Monitor and participate in regulatory and administration proceedings.
  • Representation by CCEEB’s team of respected and experienced advocates.
  • Pool resources with industry experts, companies, major utilities, and labor organizations.
  • Receive regular and urgent updates from state and regional agencies as news breaks.
  • Opportunities to meet with top regulatory staffs on a regular basis.
  • Communicate with policy leaders frequently and effectively; get answers fast, when you need them.
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