A Clear Path to Cleaner Water

A Clear Path to Cleaner Water

In 2012, CCEEB convened a special Water Quality Task Force in order to examine the water essay quality regulatory system and look for ways to improve water quality outcomes.  The task force is comprised of CCEEB members and other stakeholders, primarily municipal water agencies and smaller cities, who have expertise in water quality permitting and mitigation projects.

Over the course of 18 months, the task force met regularly with CCEEB consultants Dr. Susan Paulsen, Flow Science, Inc. and Bob Lucas, Lucas Advocates. Dr. Paulsen was responsible for compiling case studies and examples, which were then used as the basis for a series of targeted recommendations to the State and regional water boards.

CCEEB presented its final report documenting this work to the State Water Board on where it was well received by board members. CCEEB is currently in discussions with the State Water Board and other entities working towards implementation of report recommendations. We invite you to download a copy of the report and welcome your feedback.

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