Officers and Consultants

  • Mr. McGuire, an attorney by training, has spent most of his career leading environmental and social marketing projects. He is President of McGuire & Co., Inc., a public affairs firm, and President of the Environmental Policy Center, a nonprofit organization. Mr. McGuire was and remains the principal creator and manager for California's award-winning statewide "Flex Your Power" energy conservation and efficiency campaign. Mr. McGuire also has extensive public policy experience, including a stint as Chief Lobbyist for the state in Washington, D.C. In this capacity, he served as the principal contact with Congress, the White House, and the federal bureaucracy. Throughout the Carter administration, he organized overseas and domestic trips for the President, Vice President and the State Department, including the President’s trips to Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Germany, France, Japan, Korea and the “Camp David Shuttle” to Israel. In addition to Flex Your Power, Mr. McGuire has broad experience in managing other large and complex projects. McGuire & Co. planned and produced the 1984 Olympic Torch Relay, designed the route and events for the 1996 Olympic Torch Relay to Atlanta, the 1994 Legacy Tour for World Cup Soccer, John Paul II’s trip to Los Angeles in 1987, and the worldwide celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Earth Day, which in the United States included two and one-half hours of syndicated television programming, events in 3,200 cities and towns and an estimated worldwide participation of over 200 million people in 140 countries.

  • Jerry Secundy
    President and Chief Executive Office

    secundyMr. Secundy has an extensive background with business, regulatory agencies, and the environmental community, and has more than three decades of leadership experience. Before joining CCEEB, Mr. Secundy served as Vice Chair of the California State Water Resources Control Board. Other past positions include Executive Director of Audubon California, Vice President of External Affairs and Environmental Health and Safety at Atlantic Richfield Company, President of the Four Corners Pipeline Company, CFO of ARCO Transportation Company, and as an attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice in the Land and Natural Resources Division. Mr. Secundy serves on the Board of Trustees of Prescott College, Prescott, Arizona, the Board of Lignetics (a manufacturer of environmentally engineered fuel pellets), the Board of Governors of the Inner City Law Center, a founding member of Pasadena Heritage, the Board of Las Familias del Pueblo, and the Board of Jardin de la Infancia. He has formerly served on the boards of the Center for Non-Profit Management, the Girls Club of Pasadena (president), and the Planning and Conservation League, among others. Mr. Secundy is a life-long member of the Sierra Club, Common Cause, and the American Civil Liberties Union. After graduating with degrees from Harvard College and Columbia Law School, Mr. Secundy spent more than two years volunteering with the Peace Corp in Peru where he directed a youth center that served over 300 “at risk” youth.

  • Bill Quinn
    Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

    BQ headshotBill Quinn became the Vice President of CCEEB in June 1995. Mr. Quinn represents the interest of the Council in numerous public forums. His responsibilities include policy leadership, program oversight, and membership development. Mr. Quinn also manages CCEEB's South Coast Air Project that focuses its efforts in finding creative solutions to Southern California's air quality problems. The Project was highly instrumental in the development and implementation of the South Coast Air Quality Management District's emissions trading program, know as RECLAIM, as well as several other emission credit programs designed to reduce emissions in the most efficient manner possible. Under Mr. Quinn's leadership, the Project continues to focus on emission trading as well as other programs designed to offer effective means to achieve the basin's air quality goals. Prior to joining CCEEB, Mr. Quinn spent 15 years in the energy and utility industries managing environmental issues. During this period of time, he worked closely with others to help negotiate the language for many of California's key environmental statutes. Mr. Quinn is a graduate of the California State University, Los Angeles with postgraduate environmental certificates from the University of California, Irvine.